Online Marketing For Local Businesses

Get Your Business Found on GoogleSo you’re likely wondering how you’re going to get your online marketing started for your local business? What does it entail? What are my options? Well, not to worry, online marketing for local businesses is what we do! Here are four options to get started with online marketing.

Google Places

Google Places is a great way to start promoting your business. It’s important that your business get registered with Google Places which is basically a local online business listing. Google highlights these listings together with their locations in searches, indicating to searchers the best local businesses. With Google Places people can find local businesses, rate them and share places with other friends. So you want to make sure you’re listed on there!

Pay Per Click Online Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing is still by far one of the best ways to instantly generate leads to your organization. Are you feeling like you’re not generating enough business? Pay Per Click marketing campaigns can be launched nationally or locally down to a specific city level. Unlike efforts like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click marketing takes effect virtually immediately once it’s launched. Yes, you do need to pay per for the leads you generate, but if you need to get something going, it’s the best strategy. Due to the fact that people searching on a search engines are typically either a buyer or a researcher, leads generated by Pay Per Click marketing are often much more active leads then other traditional marketing methods.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is still one of the best long term strategies for organizations looking to establish a solid flow of marketing for their organizations. While it takes longer to implement then some of the previously listed strategies, once implemented, search engine optimization provides an ongoing stream of “free” traffic to your site.

Remarketing for Online Marketing

While remarketing typically falls under the heading Pay Per Click marketing we’ve decided to break it out separately (much due to its surging popularity). Remarketing is the technique of showing banner ads to those visitors who have already visited your site before. People who have visited your site before are much more highly value prospects (you know that they have an interest in your product) and therefore it’s worthwhile to market to them again. By using tracking software, remarketing allows organizations to present their banner ads to these visitors all over the web and on other sites. This can substantially increase conversion rates and give visitors the impression that the organization that their dealing with is of a substantial size and a very reputable company (due to its “large” marketing budget).

This should give you some insight into your options for online marketing! Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization with your online marketing for your local business.